Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Promoting a community-based delivery system


We support access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services to save lives and enable rural and refugee women and adolescents participate equally in economic and social activity and invest better in their children and homes.


• Capacity building for Health Facilities and Workers
We support the supply and demand for planning methods and contraceptives among women of reproductive age and adolescents by building the capacity of health facilities, health workers, and community health volunteers to deliver quality services.


• Youth Friendly Family Services
We provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, services and rights to adolescents by building the capacities of health facilities, health workers and Peer Educators to deliver adolescent and youth friendly sexual and reproductive health care and information that is comprehensible to adolescents to allow for informed decision making on prevention of STIs and early marriages, contraception and menstrual hygiene.


• Sexual and Reproductive Health linked to Human Rights
We empower rural and refugee girls to take control of their sexuality and sexual and reproductive health by raising their awareness on the linkage between sexual and reproductive health to their human rights.