About Us

Shared Action Africa is a nonprofit that supports women and girls to attain sustainable livelihoods, lead healthy lives, and be agents of climate justice in rural and refugee areas in Uganda


We envision a world where women and girls can women and girls drive positive social change and lead their communities/countries in becoming active stewards of a more sustainable earth.

The Need

Challenges for Refugee Women and Girls

The situation for refugee women and girls in Uganda is worsening particularly amidst the Covid-19 pandemic thus increasing their vulnerability to shocks

Our History

Adaptable to Changing Needs

Since our founding in 2014, we have learned that communities needs and priorities are important, but they are not exposed to many solutions that they could benefit from

Our Impact

Empowerment Changes lives

We listen to the people we serve, and they help us understand what it really means to have access to services, resources, and opportunities, while protecting the environment for future generations.

By the Numbers


Rural & Refugee Women

Accessed financial services and launched profital business


Women of Reproductive Age

Accessed family planning counseling and services


Women Commercial Food Vendors

Accessed energy efficient cook stoves and technologies

Our Programs Community Partners & Savings Groups We support and collaborate
with savings groups and community-based
Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights We support access to
gender inclusive financial and market
Financial and Market Inclusion We support access to Sexual
and Reproductive Health Care and Rights
for Women and Adolescents
Our Programs Climate Justice

We build the resilience and
adaptative capacities of rural and refugee women
to climate change
Vocational Education & Training We integrate advocacy into our
programs to ensure a meaningful and lasting
impact in the lives of women and girls
Advocacy We provide practical experience
and technical skills to expand employment
opportunities for young girls
Our Programs We integrate advocacy into our
programs to ensure a meaningful and lasting
impact in the lives of women and girls
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