Climate Justice

We build the resilience and adaptative capacities of rural and refugee women to respond to
the adverse effects of climate change and restore degraded land

Climate Smart Agriculture

We provide support access to resources by women and girls to undertake agroforestry, a farming practice that integrates trees with crops for economic benefit and food security while saving forests from degradation.

Sustainable Energy

We support access to sustainable energy for sufficient and clean cooking, lighting and power aimed at reducing carbon emissions, tree cutting for fuelwood and indoor pollution.

Green Business Development Training

We offer Green Business Development training that supports individuals to access solar, greenhouses, compost, organic pesticides, low-cost irrigation technologies, water harvesting tanks, and energy-efficient technologies.

Community Climate Learning Center

We will establish a Community Climate Learning Center in Nakivale Refugee Settlement that promotes diversity and inclusiveness among the various refugee nationalities, ethnic groups and host communities while building their knowledge and sklls to become climate leaders.

Community Climate Learning Center