We support women’s leadership and participation in rural development to improve food security and livelihoods.

Financial Inclusion

We support rural and refugee women to form savings groups to access gender responsive capital for impactful investments as well provide a platform for community development. We also strengthen the social capital nurtured in the savings groups by supporting them to form larger networks, or savings and credit cooperatives by aggregating their resources to accumulate capital.

Shared Action Fund

We bridge the financing gap for women by providing Matching Grants and Green Loans to rural and refugee women, which includes Adaptation Loans to strengthen the adaption capacities of rural and refugee women to climate change, and Mitigation Loans that target emissions reducing investments like energy improved cookstoves and energy efficient cookstoves.

Workforce Development & Vocational Education

We provide workforce development and vocational education and training to women and girls who not headed for secondary school, as well as teenage mothers and school dropouts. This is aimed at enhancing self-employment and economic productivity by preparing and providing them valuable hands-on experience in specific trades. Such trades include fashion design, shoe making, briquette production from green waste, soap/hand sanitizer production, and culinary skills.

Entrepreneurship Development

We strengthen the entrepreneurial capabilities and self-help efforts of small-scale rural and refugee women entrepreneurs by providing information and advice on business startup and management combined with financial literacy education to manage personal finances and external debt.