Shared Action Fund

Promoting Responsible Financing for Women


We provide Matching Grants to Savings Groups and Green Loans to tailored to women and youth preferences and constraints to enable them to invest in productive activities.

• Matching Grants
We provide matching grants to incentive Savings Groups to also save for investment in agricultural value addition equipment and or other group income generating activities


• Climate Related Financing
We provide climate related financing by developing and distributing green loan products that address the impacts of climate change in two categories. We provide Adaptation Loans that offer financing and technical assistance for clients to facilitate investment and become more resilient in the face of expected climate impacts. The adaptation loans go toward drought resistant seeds, livelihood diversification, and water conservation and storage technologies. We offer Mitigation Loans that target emissions-reducing investments, like improved cook stoves, solar powered equipment, and construction of bio digesters.


• Ongoing Technical Support & Training
We offer ongoing technical support and training to rural and refugee farmers to utilize the green financial products support them to launch and manage profitable green business enterprises.