Climate Justice, Economic Empowerment

Communal Gardening

Communal Gardening | Women’s Economic Empowerment and Food Security

We are committed to promoting sustainable access to enough food, proper nutrition and incomes for refugee women. Through forming collectives advocating for increased allocation to land as a resource of production, refugee women are able to influence strategies and policies to promote their livelihood. From allocation of land plots from 40 by 80 feet to at least three quarters to an acre for agricultural production, refugee women are achieving such results through engaging duty bearers. Through advocacy actions such as developing strategies, tactics in engaging duty bearers, submitting petitions and follow up, refugee women are evolving into leaders that are influencing their communities in Nakivale refugee settlement.

“With the increased allocation to land, I am able to practice better methods of farming and resultantly improve my production for food security and nutrition as well as income generation,” 41-year-old Julie (DRC) caretaker of 7 family members.”